How To Sell Yourself

Whoever you might be – a student, an unemployed person seeking a job, or a small scale business owner – knowing how to sell yourself effectively is of great importance. ¬‘Selling yourself’, in this context, means that you are able to portray yourself to your advantage, setting yourself apart from the rest. Here are some tips as to how you can do that.

Distinguish yourself

If you always try to fit yourself to a particular mold, then you will never have a chance to stand out. This is, in fact, a mistake made by many, as they try their hardest to follow an existing trend or an idol. Little do they understand that such ‘copying’ only leads to them being blended with others who follow the same trends?

For starters, highlight the best qualities in you – your strengths and skills. It is these assets that will help set you apart from the rest. For an example, if you are a photographer, having an expert knowledge of wedding photography in Sydney will prove to your advantage more as opposed to having experience in covering all forms of events. The reason behind this is that people, when they look for a particular service, look for someone who has developed specific expertise on the particular area. A person with a general understand of all aspects may not have the same ability to deliver task-specific end results.

Know your audience

People differ and so do their needs. This is of universal application wherever you go. For an example, you do not act the same with your business colleagues as you do with your best buddies from college. You do not dress in business attire when you attend a semi-formal business discussion as you would have done in the case of a high-level business meeting. This is because we constantly strive to tailor our behavior and attire according to the person at the receiving line.

The same principle applies, for example, in the case of wedding photography. You are working with to-be couples, love-struck and filled with excitement. In this case, the manner in which you customize your service and deliver it should be different compared to that of, say, a wildlife photographer or Indian wedding photographer. This is why you should be sensitive to your target market, understand their aspirations and necessities, and tailor your approach accordingly.

Be interesting

You may be an extremely skilled person – but if you do not know how to present yourself in an interesting manner, then you fail to gain their interest. For an example, you would have come up with a computer application that helps the computer be rid of viruses. Great! But the thing is, there must be at least ten people who have invented a similar application. Then what do you do?

Hence, what is required from you is to pitch your idea, service or product in a manner that instigates interest within the listener. What sets you product apart? Why is it better than others? And why is it the best available choice for the customer? Find answers to these questions, and drive them across when you approach a customer.