Top Dos And Don’ts To Ensure Your Wedding Album Is Perfect

After all the planning, excitement, and anticipation of a dream wedding, once the day is over and the honeymoon is done, married life starts. Having a perfect album of wedding photographs as a lasting memento can bring back the emotion of the day and is a great way to share the occasion with family and friends. While responsibility for the photographs lays with the photographer, there are some steps you can take to ensure a smooth, effortless photoshoot and a perfect collection of prints.

Go with the professionals
Make sure you hire a professional wedding photographer. Within the photography trade that ‘helpful’ friend or relative with their top of the range camera is termed ‘Uncle Bob’. Tell them to leave their camera at home, they are only going to get in the way and potentially spoil the shots of your professional. Ensure you meet your photographer prior to the wedding, you need to have a feel a connection with the man behind the camera, if they don’t get you, then the camera won’t either.
Stick to your schedules
Your wedding day is going to be planned and to timescales from the moment you step out of bed to the moment you crash back into it. You need to ensure you have scheduled meetings with your wedding photographer beforehand so you both know what is to be expected, and stick to the scheduled. Don’t think that if your photographer suggests you need an hour to take the traditional shots outside the venue you can turn up forty minutes late and squeeze them in.
There is something to be said for appointing a respected wedding guest to assist in the organisation for group photographs, but you don’t want to interfere with the photographer during the day. Make a list of shots you’d like and shots you don’t want and provide it to the photographer before the day. If you start to tell them not to take certain shots during the actual process you’ll end up putting them off their stride and this will show in the end product. Try to act naturally, hold your head up and smile, and if you want candid shots don’t stop what you’re doing to look at the camera each time its close.
If they’re good they’ll be booked up
Don’t wait until the last minute to book your photographer. If they’re providing an excellent professional service, then they’re likely to be booked up months in advance. The last thing you want is to find a photographer you really connect with, only to find out they’re already booked on your big day, and don’t scrimp on providing a second photographer either, if you don’t have the second camera then there will be a whole perspective of your wedding missing from your treasured album.